La Horde Triptych in Acrylic (ongoing …)

This is a painting that has been ongoing for ages now … It’s a tripyich (3 canvasses) of the main character Ouessem from the French zombie film La Horde, played by Jean-Pierre Martins. It’s the first big pic I’ve attempted, the main canvass being, 3’4 x 2’6 (102cm x 76cm) and the canvass on either side are 1’8 x 2’6 (51cms x 76cms). I’m using acrylic because I like it and need to practice especially on a bigger space.

I started off with a light ‘firey’ type background planning on working on the darker background afterwards. Started off ok but didn’t last long as you’ll see …

This is a bit later with more detail added and background.

And again with more detail …

I left the painting at this point because I needed to get on with other things. When I came back to it some time later and had a good look at it I realised it just didn’t look right. The proportions were all wrong with his torso but particularly his arms that were always going to be tricky being foreshortened as they are.

The choices were to just leave it and never be happy with it, or to redo the problem areas so I decided to paint over the arms and parts of the torso and to repaint. I’ve never been able to take drastic action like this before with things so it was quite nerve wracking but I’m glad I did now.

I took detail photos of both hands because I liked the ‘blocky’ effect I’d somehow managed to create with the paint and thought they might be helpful when trying to recreate this.

I decided I had to significantly lengthen the arms and make the neck a little longer as well as widening the torso. I also widened his head and added more detail to his face. Took a lot of time and effort and unfortunately I haven’t managed to recreate that blocky effect I liked. The updated version is smoother in it’s detail I think …

Hopefully you will agree, if you compare the two, the updated version looks better? I started with the side canvasses at this point which drove me crazy because I couldn’t get them right at all but the next pics show how they look at the minute. Still need lots of work to do on the gun blasts and flames but not too bad so far. I also made some more small changes to the main canvass but that all needs working on with the three canvasses together so they all work as a whole thing. The photos below aren’t in scale btw …

The last two pics aren’t good but they might help to demonstrate what the three will hopefully look like when they’re complete.

It shouldn’t take too long to finish now with a bit of luck. I’ll post pics as soon as it is … 🙂







3 thoughts on “La Horde Triptych in Acrylic (ongoing …)

  1. Wow this is very good. I love the way you improved on the vest so much that the texture on the fabric looks real. The foreshortening of his arms is very good too. (look at me trying to sound like I know what I am talking about)

    Brilliant work. Makes me want to pick up a brush!! LOL I don’t think so!


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