Face Cast and Sculpt for Miss Havisham/Baby Jane Project (Advance Course contd …)

After I’d decided to try to create the Miss Havisham/Baby Jane character for my first project for the Advance Course the process initially was exactly the same as in the Basic Course. First I had to find a willing volunteer and thankfully Sharon, who I share the studio with, said she’d do it although whether she was keen or not I’m not so sure. She was a little apprehensive. Anyhow we set the day and I explained the process again. Luckily with having prior experience it took far less time to make the cast.

Rather than describing the process again you can check out my previous post for the cast I did for the Basic Course which hopefully covers everything in detail.   http://wp.me/p1CvJl-1r

The sculpting stage was more or less identical too except in this project I used more exaggerated method of tiny ‘sausage’ shaped pieces of the plastilene which hopefully will be clearly shown in the following pics, but you can again refer to the previous post for more detail … http://wp.me/p1CvJl-2g

After first preparing the cast with the Al-Cote as I described in the other post I again gradually built up the shape and features of the figure using the same plastilene as in the previous sculpt starting with the nose and working outwards. I’m not sure why I decided to use the small sausage shapes but I found it a really useful way of building the lines and direction of the structure and will continue to use this method in the future …

Once I’d got the rough shape I started to refine the face a little more.

The next photos are details of the mouth and chin area and then the full face …

From this point onwards I just had the surprisingly long process of refining the detail. It seems to go on forever just etching detail into the plastilene then softening it with the lighter fluid and repeating this over and over until it looks ok. The changes made are really subtle but they’re there never-the-less there and necessary, so hopefully you will be able to see the gradual development from the next photos …

Some further detailed areas …

And yet more refinement of the detail …

Some final detail shots …

And this last picture shows the final sculpt 🙂 …

I was really pleased how this sculpt turned out too. As in the previous project the next stage was to separate the sculpt into the pieces that are used to make the molds for the prosthetics. The differences in this project are that I have more photos of this stage which demonstrates it a lot better I think and also the material I was using for the prosthetics for this was foam latex which was another first for me. This will all be covered in another post though … 🙂


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