Jason Voorhees T-Shirt available at Try This On For Size !!

Some of you may be aware that I have been working with the wonderful Try This On For Size (@TTOFS on Twitter) tee shirt company to produce a range of tees that feature 4 of my designs for the Monstrosi-tees – Series 1.

Because of the intricate detail on Mrs Voorhees’s sweater etc it took a different process to print the design clearly and therefore delayed printing, but now the fourth and final installment featuring my Jason and Mrs Voorhees design is finally available …

Jason and Mrs Voorhees


The first three designs in the ‘Monstrosi-tees’ range have been available for purchase, (at a very reasonable price) for some time, and feature Freddy Krueger, Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster and Leatherface 🙂

Freddy Krueger


Karloff’s Frankenstein




Four new designs are on their way soon but I can’t divulge any further information about those just yet  but details will follow as soon as poss I promise 😉


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