Roy Scheider Tee by Clothes2order!

A short while ago I received an email from a lovely chap called James Newhouse who had seen my art on this blog and liking the style, decided to get get in touch with me. James works alongside an online printing company  and asked me if I’d be interested in them printing me a custom designed, personalised tee of my choice of design in exchange for an online review. Naturally I jumped at the chance. First rule is to never turn down a free tee (or anything else much for that matter)! 🙂

I decided to go with my Roy Scheider drawing as I’m such a massive Jaws fan and was really interested to see how my style of drawing would look on a tee shirt. Also I knew it’d be something I would really enjoy wearing and that’s very important of course.

I was able to choose any colour I wanted for the design to go on so I went with a pale blue to go with the Roy theme, and sent James the attached image by email to start the ball rolling. Simple as that!

The tee arived in a couple of weeks and I was over the moon. The tee is a Fruit of the Loom t-shirt which is good quality and nice and soft. The design looks amazing (even if I do say so myself), largely down to the fact that Clothes2order seem to have chosen sort of bluey tones to print the design (as I hope you can see from the photos) so it fits really well to the background.

I’m really pleased with my personalised tee and will be proud to wear it. I’d love the opportunity to work with James and Clothes2order again so huge thanks to them for this opportunity 🙂

I’ve checked out the site and there’s a massive range  of products and designs you can choose from both personalised and pre-designed and all are very reasonably priced.

If you are interested you really need to go and check them out at  the online personalised t-shirt company ….

Enjoy 🙂




2 thoughts on “Roy Scheider Tee by Clothes2order!

  1. Hey there! Found your blog from researching the Dick Smith Makeup Course. But I also noticed these t-shirts. I have an etsy and I too make portraits. I’ve always wanted to put my work on t-shirts . Did you have to photoshop out the background first so there’s not a white square surrounding the drawing?


    1. Hey Lauren! Thanks for checking out my blog and apologies for the late response, I haven’t had access to my laptop for ages. I’m afraid I can’t be much help with your question as asked to use my designs for the ‘Monstrosi-tees’ and print them themselves, and the Roy Scheider t-shirt was done by a guy from as a gift for reviewing the site on my blog 😦
      I really want to start producing my own tees too though and am coming across the same problems so if you find out any cool advice I’d be grateful if you’d share? 🙂


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