Family Portrait (Grandad and Sam)

Finally managed to upload some photos of this portrait I did last year as a present for my parents. It’s of my Dad’s Dad, (who I inherited my love of monster and b-movies from), and my little brother when he was about 3, (he’s 34 now). I really wanted to capture him as effectively as I could because he’s so well loved and fondly remembered, despite passing away many years ago now.  I loved this photo but it was really old and quite blurry so I had to sharpen it up a fair bit to be able to get the detail I needed. I was really pleased with how it turned out in the end and my Dad loved it, which is the main thing in the end. 🙂

Progress with reference photo

Work in Progress

Grandad and Sam
(Finished but unframed)

I’m sure I must have better photos somewhere but can’t find them at the moment so I apologise for the bad quality.


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