Zombie Make-Up

As I mentioned in a previous post, I started a zombie make-up design on my friend Tom who was a furniture maker at the buildings where my studio is. I was able to make a face cast, do the sculpting design on the cast and make molds of the sculpture for the prosthetics but unfortunately Tom moved out of the area for another career opportunity before I was able to make and apply the prosthetics which is a real shame. As I said though it’s all practice which I need so I thought I’d post the pics I took of the work I did do to share with you all …

I won’t provide much text with the pics as I’ve described the process before but thought the photos might be interesting to see …

Face Casting Stage

Waiting for Plaster to harden for face cast

Rough Sculpt Stage

Starting to add the plastilene and develop basic shape

More rough shaping to main piece and add chin section

Rough Sculpt

Adding Detail

Starting to add detail

Neck Wounds Rough

4 Piece Rough Detail


Refining Sculpture

Refining Detail

Refining Detail

Refining Detail

Refining Detail


Casting and Molding

Mold for neck wounds

Making positive mold for neck wounds

Flashing and keys for negative for neck wound mold

Neck Wound Mold
(Ready for plaster to make negative half)

Main Piece
Wet Clay Wall to make positive side

Wall collapsed but able to make positive eventually by sort of holding everything together

Starting to make negative

Wet Clay Wall ready for plaster
(for negative mold)

Ready for plaster
(Negative mold)

Mold ready to make negative for chin piece

Again it’s a shame that I haven’t been able to complete the make up but I will always have the casts so if Tom ever moves back to the area or visits for a while I might be able to collar and zombify him with a bit of luck 🙂




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