Cthulhu Themed Mask Design for Liz Black’s ‘Club Vamporama’

Since completing the Miss Havisham make-up that I did recently I had decided the next process I needed to learn was how to make a full head two-piece mask. I thought of a few different concepts but settled on a zombie/mummy idea as I thought it seemed relatively straightforward but had plenty of scope for elaboration. I’d started gathering various reference images and photos and read up on various techniques before I received an email from a lovely talented lady, Liz Black, who was interested in me designing and making her a couple of special effects for a 30 minute promo for a horror comedy-drama series for television called Club Vamporama that she has been writing and developing.  I of course jumped at the chance for this amazing challenge so I put the mummy idea to one side and started to research these effects instead as they are along similar lines in terms of the processes I would have to use.

Liz sent me some designs by the very cool artist Chrissie Harper that Liz visualised for the look of the mask and gloves she wanted as well as being able to describe them in clear detail which was very helpful. She’s currently building a site for the project which will contain all the information about the Club Vamporama project. It’s not live yet but soon will be available to view at http://www.vamporama-productions.co.uk/ and I will keep you updated.

But for now, these are the illustrations for the mask design by Chrissie Harper …

Pencil Sketch for Mask Design by Chrissie Harper

Colour Illustration by Chrissie Harper
Cthulhu Mask Design

Portrait of Marie by Chrissie Harper
(Glove Design)

I went to Google images and found some pictures for reference of the kind of Lovecraft-ian Cthulhu creature I wanted my design to be based on. Some of these images, if not all, are subject to copyright so please be aware that I have only used these as inspiration.

As you can see from Chrissie’s drawings, the mask has a definite Cthulhu type feel to it but it also has to have a humanoid feel as it’s the alter ego of one of the main characters so will retain her normal hair style etc around it. With elements of all the reference pics in mind I came up with this design …

Cthulhu inspired mask design in ink

Liz really liked the design so I was able to think about sculpting which I will describe in detail in the next psot … 🙂


7 thoughts on “Cthulhu Themed Mask Design for Liz Black’s ‘Club Vamporama’

  1. I love the mask design – I’ll be very interested to see how the sculpting goes in due course. It’s great fun reading your blog so please keep on keeping on. 🙂


      1. I really do like to write these posts as a journal that I can refer back to when I need and remind myself what worked and what didn’t, but I also like to think other people with any interest in special effects, art or just horror in general can read about my struggles and pure love of the genre and maybe fancy having a go themselves. It’s really cool that people are able to get in touch and share each other’s experiences and enthusiasm 🙂


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