Bill Oberst Jr Portrait

A while ago now I was very kindly asked to put some of my portraits in a gallery for the great online horror ezine Dark River Press. Not long after I was emailed by the Robert Leyland, the editor, who had been contacted by upcoming horror actor Bill Oberst Jr, (Take This Lollipop, The Secret Life of Bees, Nude Nuns With Big Guns, The Devil Within).

Check out his IMDB for full details

You can follow him on Twitter too @billoberstjr

He apparently really liked my work and was very interested in me doing a portrait of him for his site. As you can imagine I was a bit overwhelmed and totally chuffed that Bill had even noticed my art, let alone wanted me to do his portrait. Anyway I was given his personal email and contacted him about it and after several emails, (he’s a genuinely humble and lovely fella), we decided what picture he wanted me to use. It was a photo that he used for his IMDb page at the time where he’s wearing a very distinctive rosary that was custom made for him by artist Amanda Norman and he was very keen that the rosary be included in the portrait to show off her work.

Amanda makes beautiful jewellery as well as being an awesome photographer. Check out her work at …

It took a while to get the likeness right but eventually I was happy. Here is the finished portrait …

Bill Oberst Jr
Pen and Ink
(29.7 cm x 42 cm)

I sent the finished portrait and thankfully Bill really liked it. I wanted to repay him for all the kindness and support he’s given me and ensure that anyone who reads this blog has all the recent Bill Oberst Jr news so I asked him what he’s been up to lately and if there were things in particular that he’d like me to mention. This is the information he gave me.

“Children Of Sorrow’s trailer is out … We just won Best Of Festival at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival and I have been nominated for a Best Actor Award for it by the Shockfest International Film Festival in Hollywood Nov 16-17. The film’s Los Angeles premiere is Nov 17 at Shockfest. IMDb is … Director was trying for something different: skin-crawling and disturbing without a lot of gore.

Oh and here is my newest look for a demon project I am working on if you wish to use it … “.

I’d be really grateful if you’d check out his work and if you like the look of it give him your support too. I believe he’s a very talented actor and destined for a long and prosperous career. (Being a thoroughly nice chap helps a lot too) … 🙂

(I would put links to the Dark River Press Ezine as there is an interview with Bill Oberst Jr on there too I believe, but think there is a problem with their site at the minute. I will edit this post when I have more information.)


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