Tooth Prop for Short Film – “Diemension”

Just finished a life size tooth prop for a Twitter friend of mine Rob Bish, @XzombishX who is making a short film along with two of his friends, Jim Dolan and Dazza Field called ‘Diemension‘ that is about a man that searches for more than his world  … Tagline “It’ll melt your teeth!!” … 😀

He’s starting to shoot in the next couple of weeks so keep a look out for more news.


The tooth in the script is a big molar tooth that the protagonist in the film pulls out and notices it has a strange blue effect where his fingers have touched it.

I sculpted the molar from Fimo polymer clay that you buy in the shade you require. I mixed a yellow and white to get a basic cream shade as a base. I use a pasta making machine to mix the clay but you can mix the colours by hand, especially with small amounts.

These photos show the tooth with a basic coat of white acrylic on the upper, enamel covered part of the tooth.

2013-01-31 19.05.36 2013-01-31 19.05.25 2013-01-31 19.05.13 2013-01-31 18.49.51 2013-01-31 18.48.16

The following photos show the tooth from lots of different angles which I painted with various washes of yellow and ochre acrylic to achieve the natural staining.

2013-01-31 19.30.53 2013-01-31 19.31.04 2013-01-31 19.37.58 2013-01-31 19.38.08 2013-01-31 19.38.18 2013-01-31 19.38.28

These last photos show the final stage where I added the blue strange marbling effect. I achieved this by mixing a bright blue acrylic with silver, to give it a brighter more unnatural look. I used a very fine brush and cocktail stick to apply the paint, and then blurred it slightly with a damp cotton bud.

2013-02-07 17.43.15 2013-02-07 17.43.28 2013-02-07 17.44.19 2013-02-07 17.44.44

(I held the tooth for the last few shots for scale).

2013-02-07 18.20.53 2013-02-07 18.21.36

I finally sealed it to protect the paint with Plasticote Clear Sealer acrylic spray.


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