Slasherton Books

Hey everyone, I have to first apologise once again for the lack of posts recently but for once there is a very good reason. I have been really busy illustrating a series of books called Slasherton for Creep Creepersin, the awesome horror director, writer, actor and front man for the band Creepersin.

Creep had first come up with the concept for Slasherton in 2009 and had a professional artist do initial drawings from his sketches originally hoping to get a cartoon series made. In the end though this wasn’t possible so he decided to create his own series of books instead.

The books tell the stories of all the nasty little inhabitants who live in and around Slasherton. “These not children’s books, but adult books for creepy little kids at heart” as there is gore, girls and rudeness aplenty. He wanted very cute designs but equally evil and creepy, but very bright coloured and bold in a sort of Mr Men with a twist sort of style.

Creep sent me the original designs for each characterΒ  and explained how he wanted them to look exactly and I came up with rough designs and we went to and fro until we were both happy with them. I then went about drawing them on the computer which was a first for me and since I’m absolutely incompetent with technology the only programme I was able to use with any result was Windows Paint. Eventually I managed to come up with a library of all the characters that are slowly revealed as the series progresses.

We decided the first three characters to be introduced in the books would be Sack, Stitch and Stealth. These three are a collection of sidekicks who all work for another key character so it made sense to start with their stories. Sack was always the most charismatic somehow and the ringleader, so we decided to make the first book about him.

Original Sketches

2013-02-12 19.14.09

This was my first ever sketch of Sack. Unfortunately though, we had a slight miscommunication over the sack concept as Creep is from the US and meant a paper shopping sack rather than the hessian sack here πŸ˜€ He wasn’t too keen on the tattoos and also pictured him with shorter legs and bigger feet to ramp up the cute factor so I tried again.

2013-02-17 18.40.50

This second attempt was better but the legs were still too long and feet not big enough.

Eventually I managed to come up with this full colour version of Sack but this one was drawn and scanned.

2013-05-01 21.47.17

When I started to draw Sack on Paint I realised if I was going to draw him on numerous occasions for the book, I’d have to simplify him quite a bit. After some playing around, this is a screenshot of what I came up with.

2013-04-30 22.29.05

Sack’s Book

Creep wrote the story for Sack and I began to illustrate it page by page. Here are a couple of sneak peek pages.

sack Pg1Β Β Β  sack Pg5

Eventually after a lot of editing and re-editing through, (a branch of Amazon), we have finally got the first book published and up for sale on Amazon. So exciting! πŸ™‚

If you’re interested, please check the book out at the links below for both the .com and sites.

Front Cover

Front Cover

Back Cover

Back Cover

You can find all the upcoming Slasherton information either on Twitter @killsackkill or on Facebook at

You can also sign up for the Slasherton News mailing list on the FB page to make sure you can get all the news and offers first!

The next post I’m doing will show you how I made the little Sack collectible figure πŸ™‚


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