Book Cover Artwork – Creepology

Hey everyone, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything so again I apologise. I’ve had a lot going on and have just totally neglected the blog so many thanks for all of you who have been checking for updates or reading older posts in my absence.

One of the things I’ve been caught up with is doing a stack of book covers for Creep Creepersin. I do all the illustrations for the Slasherton series ( I’m half way through the 6th book at the minute, The Creep Creek Creature), but he has quite a number of other books that have been released lately which I’ve had the honour of illustrating the covers for also.

I thought it would be quite cool to show you some of the covers and tell you a bit about the books so you can let me know if you think they work well for them.

I knew when designing a cover I’d have to be able to play around with the font style and size and placement of images etc so I decided to brave Adobe Elements and try to learn some new techniques. I managed to find a free version so I could get started.

Creep first wrote a series of novellas that are now collected together as Creepology. Creep deliberately wanted these designs to be simple and jarring with striking imagery and clashing colours to demonstrate the feel of the stories. I hadn’t much experience at this point but I was able to colour and manipulate the various images, the font style and size until they worked I think, without too much trouble.

These are the finished designs …

Unsane Sam Novella Update Anxious Anxiety Novella Update Killing Novella Update Free Kindle Novella Update Bacon Novella Update Gonorrhea Novella Update Roommate Novella Update


Free Kindle Books is permanently free atΒ if you want a taster of Creep’s individual and surreal style of weird fiction.

The books are available separately or Β in a collection called Creepology Volume 1 on Amazon.






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