Grandad and Sam (Finished but unframed)

Grandad and Sam
(Finished but unframed)

If you’re interested in having an original commission done, please get in touch at and I’ll be more than happy to discuss any ideas or requests with you.

Usually I would charge around £60 for a black and white A4 portrait commission and around £100 for A3 but this is negotiable of course depending on the subject.  The price reflects the fact that these pieces usually take around 10-15 hrs often more, not including the time taken for research photos etc, and the larger the work the more time it takes.

I’m also open for adobe created colour pieces, maybe book cover or poster art? Again the price is very negotiable depending on the subject. I’ll look forward to discussing the project with you to see if it’s possible with my talents.

This all applies to prop pieces, models, sculptures and make-up effects also, although I must specify at this point I only have limited time in the studio due to prior commitments, but I will be more available for these projects in the near future with luck.

I love challenging myself and commissions are wonderful for doing this as they are somebody else’s ideas that I have to make work for them rather than just finding things that appeal to me.

Cover for Creepersin's book series 'Black Star Canyon' Complete Season 1

Cover for Creepersin’s book series ‘Black Star Canyon’ Complete Season 1




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